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"My first visit with Dr. Gallagher...she took the time to get to know YOU! There was time to explain why I may be feeling the way I do and what I can do about it. The more she knew about me, the more tools she had in her toolbox. I have seen Dr. Gallagher for many years. She determined my individual needs, whether it’s correcting my nutritional deficiencies with supplementation botanical medicine, nutritional recommendations, Acutonics,  grief and transition counseling. I needed her support! 

Dr. Gallagher is truly gifted with the gift of healing. She provided me knowledge and wisdom to guide me to make decisions and set boundaries with the challenges I have had in this journey of life. She provided me a “Safe Place” for conversation and treatment without judgment. I am very grateful for her compassion and my heart-felt connection with her. I am truly blessed to have her in my life."

- Mindy L.


"Dr. Gallagher's optimism and delightful sense of humor do as much to align my soul as do her wonderful tuning forks.  This is a powerful technique that truly assists in healing."

- Dulce B.


"Through Acutonics, Christine has brought together her vast knowledge, experience, healing abilities, and her gift of working with people to create a truly unique experience."

- Sheri F.


"I've suffered from chronic lower back pain for years and finally learned thru an MRI that I have 2 bulged discs. I wanted to avoid surgery so I sought out conservative treatments like chiropractic and massage therapy but found very little relief. Acupuncture did help me some, so I decided to try Acutonics with Christine Gallagher. After just the first treatment I felt immediately better. My pain was reduced and my outlook improved. I was able to sleep through the night, allowing my body to start healing itself.  The tones were so soothing and deeply nourishing. I was very impressed with the level of care Christine gave and the deep healing that began with Acutonics."

- Christina H.


"The most relaxing and beneficial treatment I've had."

- Kristen L.


"It is a truly relaxing and unique experience.  I also appreciated the time she spent giving me all kinds of helpful information to take home with me so I can work on my specific areas of concern."

- Christi V.


"I was at the point in my life when I wanted to stop trying to figure out what was ailing me and just move through it onto something better and more aligned.  Your unique therapy is allowing me to do just that, and it feels great!  I am more myself that I have ever been."

- Shelly D.




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