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Order Pure Encapsulations Nutritional Products

Click on this link to go directly to the ordering website to place an order yourself.  Or you may call Pure Encapsulations directly at 1-888-821-8808 and they will be happy to place your order for you.  They are available 8-5 Monday through Friday PST.


You can also order an assortment of high-quality health products for yourself, family, pets, and home.  Dr. Gallagher is now using Fullscript services so you can order directly through them and have the products shipped to you.  Free shipping is available and over 300 companies are represented.  Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home!  




There are many excellent, high-quality nutritional products on the market.    Dr. Christine Gallagher decided to make Pure Encapsulations products available after attending a nutrition conference with the University of Arizona and Dr. Andrew Weil.  These products were featured at the conference.


Pure Encapsulations are only available through a health care provider.  They use high quality ingredients and work hard to eliminate allergens and fillers.  Dr. Gallagher does not carry an inventory at the office.  Instead, you can order the products directly from this site and they will be shipped right to your home in just a few days.  Free shipping is available as well.


As with all supplements and food and medications, it is your responsibility to make good choices and know your body.  Dr. Gallagher is happy to help consult with you and answer any questions you may have.  You may also contact Pure Encapsulations directly to ask them specific questions.


Click on this link to go right to their website and learn more about the hundreds of products they offer:

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